Gold Coast Whale Watching Adventure

Gold Coast Whale Watching Adventure
From AUD $99.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Hollywell, QLD

Join us on this small group adventure and be witness to one of the most spectacular displays of nature on our planet: the yearly migration of humpback whales as they travel along the East Coast of Australia. Allow us to get you up close and personal to view these magnificent ocean wanderers, with a knowledgable skipper as your passionate guide on our custom-built vessel, and the Gold Coast city skyline as your picture-perfect backdrop.

Each year, between May and November, tens of thousands of humpback whales embark on their annual 5000km migration from their feeding grounds in the cold Southern Ocean around Antarctica, to give birth and mate in the warm, tropical waters off the coast of Queensland.

As they migrate North and South during the season, we are immensely fortunate that they pass right by our coastline, here on the Gold Coast — famed for its stunning skyline, beautiful beaches, spectacular surfing and great scuba diving.

We believe in an educational, personal and intimate experience when observing these gentle giants and their dolphin relatives. We’ll take you on a three-hour adventure away from the crowds on our 12-passenger, custom built vessel which features comfortable seating and an unparalleled 360-degree view of the ocean, so you can help us spot some of the humpbacks yourself and marvel in delight as they approach our smaller, quieter, low-to-the-water boat. 

This is a unique experience not to be missed. Prepare to be overwhalemed!


· A 3-hour, relaxed, small group whale watching adventure (maximum 12 passengers)

· Sit and stand comfortably on our nine metre long, custom-built vessel

· Learn about the incredible journeys these humpback whales make every year and the extraordinarily unique qualities they display

· Get to know our highly experienced skippers, who spend each day either on or under the water and who will be your knowledgable guide for the trip

· Three hours is a long time so we'll provide a few snacks

· Although not seeing these gorgeous creatures is exceedingly unlikely, if this occurs you can come again, our treat. 


Please note the start time is the meeting time. We depart twice daily, six days a week with a special sunset tour every Saturday afternoon. Check our calendar for times and availability.

· 07:30am – 11:00am 

· 12pm - 3pm 

· Sunset tour on Saturdays only, 3:30pm to 6:30pm 

Please note: the ocean is an incredible force that can change our plans and departure times, but don’t be concerned, we will communicate all changes via SMS and email. However, please understand that all of our trips are weather dependant - we want to ensure that every trip we run is as safe and enjoyable as possible but sometimes the weather doesn’t help us out with this!